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BLACK UNICORN EUROPE is a division of ACTION DEVELOPMENTS INC. Dedicated to capture the most stabilized images for cinema, commercials and TV on any terrain, for which we have the BLACK UNICORN CRANE, the more advanced and versatile gyro-stabilized remote-controlled camera crane designed and manufactured by PARALLAX LLC in Russia. It is designed for the most demanding shooting conditions on any terrain. It is the most powerful crane in the market in every way.

With an advanced stabilizations system and unmatched load capacity, it is able to get the best shots at speeds above 180 KMH on the road and at 90 KMH off road.It has an arm of almost 8 meters in length and is mounted on our STEALTH ML 55 AMG CAMERA CAR. With 400 HP of power.

Stabilized camera crane , Russian Arm , Scorpio Srm

ACTION DEVELOPMENTS INC. is the stunt company with the most experience in action scenes with vehicles in Spain, with wide trajectory around the world. The combination of our experience in the realisation of action scenes with the most advanced equipment of the market to shoot them makes the difference

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