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b L A C K  U N I C O R N 

L E N S  C O N T R O L  


 Lens control system allows to control focus, zoom and iris of any type of movie or video cameras quickly and smoothly. It  has a 350 degree range of the handle rotation that automatically matches the entire range of the lens calibration after pushing the calibration button.  

 Remote lens control system has mechanical limits of focus and iris channels. Automatic calibration of high precision lens is achieved by pressing a button. A built-in battery allows to operate for 24 hours without an interval. The device is to be used with 1 – 3 Heden motors and operates Canon or Fujinon digital lens. Control operating distance via radio channel reaches 1km in the direct sightline. 

Technical information:   

- Motor Support: 1 – 3 Motors     

- Built-in battery 7.2 V; operating time up to 24 hours without recharge

- Operating Range 350°     

- Mechanical Limits of Focus and Iris     

- Digital Control System     

- Automatic Calibration     

- Operating Frequency 868 MHZ     

- Working Area Illumination     

- Weight of the Joystick Unit 680 gr     

- Weight of the Executive Unit 670 gr     

- Camera Recording Start - Up (ARRI, Red, Sony)

Wireless Motor Technical Specification

- Gear Module 0,8,48 Teeth Rod Support: 19mm , 15mm (with insert)

- Tested With Lens: Master prime, Ultra Prime High speed, Red

- Material: Solid Aluminum

- Physical Resolution: 0.018­­°

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