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b L A C K  U N I C O R N 


Black Unicorn Digital Head is the newest filmmaking concept of 2015. It combines high-power characteristics, pinpoint accuracy of image stabilisation and ease of operation. Black Unicorn Digital Head possesses all the necessary technical features for filmmaking needs. Unique digital algorithms provide the highest quality of image stabilisation even in the most adverse weather conditions. 

Powerful electric drives and IP65 Protection afford Black Unicorn Digital Head to be utilised on various camera-vehicles such as helicopters, motor boats, snowmobiles and other special-purpose vehicles. Black Unicorn Digital Head can be supplied with the camera fastening plates of any length; with radio focus system equipped with 3 wireless optical drives; and with various vibration isolators.                 

F E A T U R E S : 

•    Weight - 23kg

•    Pan range 360 ° (±5 turns each way)

•    Tilt range 360°.

•    Dutch range 360 ° (±5 turns to each side), automatic horizon level

•    Pan speed, dutch speed, tilt speed 240 °/sec

•    Temperature range:     from -30 °C to +50 °С

•    Payload capacity: up to 35kg

•    Stabilization accuracy: 1.5 arcmin

•    Waterproof – IP65

•    Nominal voltage: 48 VDC

•    Standby current: 1A

•    Maximum current: 12 A

•    Digital control system

•    Stabilizations specs: p to 500mm lens

•    Operational speed: up to 185 km/h

•    Programmable limits, damping and speed adjustment for all axes

•    Power supply for any type of camera        Motion control

•    Two HD video signals

•    Real and settable horizon

•    Mitchell Mount

•    Controlled via cable up to 700 m

•    User friendly control desk ergonomically designed for ease of      

      operation system

•    Easy mounting system

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